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Almost 20 years years ago I began developing award-winning work in pixels and print for multifarious clients seeking bold new ways to stand up and stand out—but I've always liked words like "multifarious."

Since then I’ve made a career of tugging at the tapestry of the ordinary to unfurl the fringes of creativity when solving my client’s biggest challenges. The foundation of my success is built on a broad artistic and linguistic background. An aptitude for breaking down complex systems into sensible solutions doesn't hurt either. Whether the concept is copy-driven, image-driven, or data-driven the ultimate answer is ever a shrewd fusion of art, science, and instinct.

My early portfolio includes a cast of global brands in automotive, CPG, fashion, finance, health, and consumer tech. Highlights include: highly lauded work for Audi and Saks Fifth Avenue, creating the first online video editing interface for Chef Boyardee (a claim that once nearly came to fisticuffs), and reviving the Slim Jim audience with a multi-disciplinary team that crisscrossed the country providing photo/video mash-ups and real-time online coverage of sponsored action sports events. All this before social media, web 2.0, or “integrated” anything.

In early 2008 I was invited to join mcbarrybowen (AdAge Agency of the Year 2009/2011). And in six short years I created everything from award-winning mobile apps to groundbreaking social programs to multi-faceted cross-platform campaigns for clients like J.P. Morgan, Chase, Chevron, Central Park Conservancy, Kraft, and the U.S. Olympic Committee. Picking favorites is difficult to do; but, granting more than $28MM dollars to charities nationwide through Chase Community Giving and introducing Chevron to 100MM Chinese at the World Expo in Shanghai are tough to beat.

Final note: I'm also an accomplished photographer. My first assignment was touring Cleveland, OH with Randy Macho Man Savage as he promoted his first rap album. Words can't describe.


Earlier this week we kicked off the Sage Summit Tour in Paris. To say it was a success would be a modest statement. The Paris event exceeded everyone's expectations with the only exception being the expectations of the team that created it since we all knew what we could do.

We still have a long road to go with eight more of these to develop and deliver over the next six months but I just wanted to let you know that having Carley, Ariane, Ethan and the entire Freeman team partnering with us on these is one of the most fulfilling partnerships I've enjoyed in my long career.

Thanks to Freeman for giving us the "A" team and for your continued support as we together take Sage into a new era!

Mike Trovallisage

I wanted to pause and take a moment to recognize those that have supported Sage—at times with great personal sacrifice—our core FXP partners that have proven indispensable over the course of FY17 Sage Summit Tour planning: Kelley, Ethan, Candace, Sarah, and Patty...I have very high confidence in our assembled FXP team and look forward to future opportunities in 2018! If I can bring a little sunshine to the team I’ve come to respect so much then that makes me happy! Let's knock Toronto out of park and get on the game for a crazy awesome 2018!

Danielle Cotesage

While it's fresh in my mind, I wanted to thank you for an incredible morning and most of all thank you for the brilliance of the work you presented in my conference room.

Even I had no idea how stunning the work was until today. The breadth of the work is incredible, and as the story unfolds country by country, I truly understand when on Chevron we say we have a big, organizing idea, we really mean it.

Danny, Chris, and Ethan, I want to say "thank you." It is a privilege to have you here at mcgarrybowen and a thrill to see the largesse of the "We Agree" idea come to life before my very eyes.

You are quite simply put "genius" and talented beyond words. It is I who am truly blessed to have you as part of this company. Thank you one more time for an incredible presentation today.

John Mcgarry, IImcgarrybowen

Bravo to mcgarrybowen. Last night we previewed "Seasons on the Terrace" on the arches at Bethesda Fountain. It was simply a spectacular night in the Park. This fresh, digital mapping communication is in keeping with our world class brand - Central Park. It is also the catalyst for launching our digital "donation" communications plan to (virally) reach a younger audience.

There are many people to thank. To name a few we want to thank … Ethan for allowing us to believe that the execution could actually happen. And Lauren, Sadie and Jamie for keeping us all honest throughout the process.

Once again, on behalf of Doug, Terri and myself, thank you for your support and for being "Central to the Park."

Steve ZammarchiCentral Park Conservancy

Is it a great accomplishment for all of us when we push a client to do what's right for their business, even when they don't see it, and then we follow through and make it happen big time. More and more, this is the story for our digital work on Chase. And to see this happen in the Cards business, which really needs our help, is especially meaningful. Congrats.

Bill Borrellemcgarrybowen

Just received a call from a very happy client. Our Freedom digital creative is performing off the charts. "We've never seen digital creative perform this well before." direct quote from the clients.

Helder Santomcgarrybowen

A big thank you to the mgb team! A great body of work today! And yes, my socks were blown off!"

Maryanne SamenkoChase

By the way, thank you for your note on Friday. It is such a great feeling to work for a leader who appreciates his team, and takes a moment to say so. I learn from you every week, and I'm happy you're pleased with the work.

Natalie KaufmanFreelance ACD/Copy, mcgarrybowen

It's probably long-overdue, but I did want to thank you for all the opportunities, direction, insight, and advice you provided during my time at mb. Personally, it was immeasurably valuable to work for someone with such high standards, high expectations, and who modeled such an esteemed level of ECD-ship.

Christiana MavromatisACD, mcgarrybowen

I consider you a crucial mentor in my career. You took me under your wing at a time when I'd never created a new Photoshop document at "300x250". You influenced me both professionally and personally, and your lessons will continue to serve me well for the rest of my days.

Kai RaderACD, mcgarrybowen